Focus provides consulting services to clients looking to benefit from our years of real estate success and expertise. Our clients rely on us to advise them in navigating the intricacies of real estate development, entitlements, construction estimating, design and market feasibility. Specifically, we offer the following consulting services:

  • Development Management
  • Construction Management
  • Financial Advisory Services
  • Restructuring/Receivership

Development Management

Our development management services protect our clients’ investments and effectively manage their risk by using our knowledge of the local market and the construction process to ensure our clients’ success.

Development management services include:

  • Site selection
  • Acquisition analysis
  • Financing support
  • Design management
  • Implementation
  • Sales and marketing analysis
  • Disposition analysis
  • Lease analysis

Construction Management

The construction management process begins with a thorough review of the current design. The trained architects on staff oversee the design process, document production and design implementation. Each of these professionals also has an extensive background in the construction industry, including on-site experience, which enables them to view each project holistically and act as a bridge between the owner’s design contractor and the potential general contractor or subcontractors. By applying lessons learned from previous projects, our staff can recognize problems in the preconstruction phase, which results in quicker construction time frames and cost savings.

During the construction phase, our staff uses their general contracting experience and expertise to manage owners’ subs and general contractors, protecting the ownerships’ interests and assets.

Our construction management services include:

  • Preliminary estimating
  • Design review and advisory services
  • Scheduling and contract coordination
  • Document preparation
  • Bidder qualification

Financial Advisory Services

Our unique integrated approach to development, which incorporates all the disciplines of our field, such as design, construction, marketing, allows for a broader platform of understanding than most firms can provide. Our clients rely on us to provide them with a full financial picture for any potential development opportunity. We provide our clients with a variety of financial advisory services to support their development goals, which include:

  • Potential cash flow
  • Underwriting analysis
  • Soft cost budget preparation
  • Owner’s construction funding services
  • Implementation of cost segregation studies


Focus understands the receivership process and through our experience can provide the oversight and expertise to safeguard an asset.

When assigned, Focus secures the property immediately and examines the asset by physically examining the property and writing a deficiency report with recommendations to address any problems. In addition, we conduct a full financial overview and market analysis. Once the transition is complete, Focus provides detailed reports for the client, detailing the property’s physical and financial condition.

Our receivership services are broken down as follows:

  • Property control, physical inspection and deficiency reporting
  • Property security and transition to receiver seizure of assets
  • Review insurance
  • Review all leases and contracts
  • Contact all current leaseholders, vendors and contractors
  • Market analysis
  • Financial review
  • Receiver’s reports