“Given Focus’ full complement of services, including concept planning, financing and development management, one could not ask for a better partner. Integrity and intelligence best describe the company, its owner and associates.”
Jim Klutznick, Principal, Klutznick Enterprises

As a developer, Focus specializes in multi-family infill development. Over the last twenty years, we have delivered some of the highest quality infill developments to the Chicago market. These projects range from smaller multi-family communities within historic districts to high-density mixed-use redevelopments within thriving downtowns. It is our belief that infill development is responsible development because it utilizes existing infrastructure, has access to readily available services such as retail and food uses, is near public transportation and jobs, and most importantly provides both the developer and the end user a sustainable long-term asset that will be shared for generations.

Focus boasts an impressive portfolio of mixed-use and multifamily development throughout Chicagoland. Through our years of working with local municipalities and building departments, Focus has earned a reputation for integrity and quality, which affords us opportunities and efficiencies that less experienced developers cannot replicate.